Scuffed-up iPhone 5s Can be Polished With Sandpaper

A video has been released detailing how to clear away scratches and the like on a scuffed-up iPhone 5 with sandpaper.

First of all, we are not responsible if you try this and end up messing up your handset. Be careful and if you don’t feel confident in the procedure, get a nice iPhone 5 case.

According to the video, you’ll need sandpaper with a grit of P1500 at least. A P2000 sandpaper sample can be used for a shiner surface. Brush the sandpaper over the edges with even strokes. You will have to be careful around the volume controls. You don’t want to sand the paint off of them. Once finished you’ll have a shiny smartphone looking somewhere between and iPhone 5 and an iPhone 3G.