Control Your Camera Through Your iPhone With The New FlexTilt Head 2

If you own a tripod, then you already know the struggle of getting limited to certain shots. But with Edelkrone’s new FlexTilt Head 2, you’re not limited to just one angle, since it was designed to go in birds-eye-view, side view shots and straight view shots due to its all around 360 degree design.

Now because the FlexTilt Head 2 is just a mount, you’re able to put it on different accessories to enhance it. For example, Edelkrone made it in such a way where you can put it on a regular tripod, a camera slider, a motion control system and many other products to get the max out of your shots. Which is perfect for any photographers or videographers that want to perfect their camera skills, since it gives you the ability to add it on different gadgets for different looks.

Another cool thing about it, is that you can also control your camera with your iPhone with it as well, since it comes with a companion app that allows you to do stop motion, time-lapse and slide control to your shots, all by connecting through Bluetooth to control and adjust the camera.

If you’re interested in buying or learning more about Edelkrone’s new FlextTilt Head 2, then you can be sure to head over to Edelkrone’s official website, where it’s currently going for $150 with free shipping and handling.

Source: Edelkrone