Online iPhone 5 Now Available Within Two Weeks

As production increases to meet demand, the wait time for an iPhone 5 drops to two weeks.

Previously, we reported that the iPhone 5 would take 2-3 weeks to arrive from an online order. It was also confirmed to be a similar wait time in stores. It has now improved even more.

Apple now quotes a 2-week delivery estimate. This is for both US and Canadian stores. The online orders remain limited two per customer. Another option is to place an online order between 10 pm and 4 am for in-store pickup the next day.

Apple’s supply chain seems to be getting better at assembling the complicated device. But at the same time Apple is trying to keep its promise to be in over 100 countries and 240 carriers by years end. Plus, one of those countries is China, where the iPhone 5 is set to launch within the next few weeks could put a large strain on Apple’s ability to deliver. We may see those estimates go up once again.