UAE’s iPhone 5 Launch is Delayed


The iPhone 5 was supposed to launch in the United Arab Emeritus, but it seems it has been delayed without explanation.

Apple’s iPhone 5 has been available in major cities since September 19 and has been rolled out in numerous countries since then. Ashish Panjabi, CEO of electronics retailer Jackys said, “It’s been pushed back to December.” No other details seem to be known.

The December date was confirmed by Visshesh Bhatia, CEO of Jumbo Electronics saying, “It will happen definitely in December.” Neither retail boss was told when the iPhone 5 would officially arrive. Nor, were the two-telecom giants in UAE. The telecom watchdog, the TRA, is likewise in the dark.

Reports suggest that this isn’t the first delay for the country. Shortages are the first obvious culprit, but other evidence suggest that the ramping up production is helping to take care of the overwhelming demand that in the US and Canada the wait times are shrinking. Then there’s the fact Apple is getting ready for the iPhone 5 to launch in China. Could the UAE be an afterthought in the troubles to meet demand or could they be a sacrifice not to loose too much ground in the US and all important Chinese market?