iPhone 5 Supply Meets Demand

Apple has been running a pretty thin race ever since September, desperately trying to get Foxconn to produce more and more iPhone 5 handsets to meet demand, but never quite getting there. Well, today, it appears that Apple is finally on the path of getting iPhone 5 supplies on equal measure with consumer demand.

According to Apple Insider, Gene Munster and the Piper Jaffray team has estimated that supply is finally meeting demand, with many Apple stores having little or no wait times on iPhone 5 availability and wait times being brought down to only two weeks.

Munster stated that…

“As we get closer to the holiday, we believe consumers will likely have the ability to walk into an Apple Store and walk out with an iPhone 5 within the next two weeks,”

This means that the iPhone 5 should readily be available during the holiday for those who wish to purchase the phone as a gift or just because they can.