Nokia’s Map App Gets Hit With Harsh Criticism

An alternative to Apple’s Map App…that’s what Nokia’s Here map app was supposed to be. A working alternative. However, after garnering tons of downloads and moving up into the number 4 spot on the top 10 apps for the iPhone, the harsh reality kicked in as users were less than thrilled with Nokia’s new app.

Here, the app where the name could only appeal to people with an exceptionally small lexicon, managed to grab a lot of attention at first for being the definitive map app for the iOS and iPhone. However, according to the New York Times, things haven’t gone quite as well for Nokia.

On the iTunes store app page, users are pelting the map service with low scores and a lots of the same complaints that bombarded Apple’s Map App. Misinformation, poor information, poorly displayed locations, poor transit information and many other details all plague Nokia’s Here.

Nokia, however, released a statement indicating that they’re working on improving their map app and that they’re dedicated to providing quality service to users…

“As the leader in location and navigation services, Here is committed to regularly improving our mapping experience across all platforms to achieve the same high-quality experience of the native applications found on our Lumia range of devices,”

You can grab Here from the app store for free.