Heroes of Order & Chaos Lands on iOS

A new DOTA-style defense strategy game has found its way onto the iOS for both iPhones and iPads and it’s from mobile company Gameloft. The name of the game? Heroes of Order & Chaos.

The game sports top notch mobile graphics, lane-based strategic defense and attack strategies, as well as options for up to five-players to participate in the combat.

The game is being heralded as the first true multiplayer online battle arena game for iOS and boasts more than 30 heroes, free-to-play game design, and both solo and cooperative multiplayer gameplay.

The game is a massive 601MB and is so far receiving negative review scores for faulty connections to multiplayer and a few game-crashing bugs, but otherwise it seems like it’s not that bad of a game to cost $0. You can learn more by visiting the Official App Store.