iPhone 5S Trial Production to Begin in December

New reports indicate that Apple’s follow-up to the recent iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S, could enter trial production as early as December of this year, in order to be ready to launch in the early first quarter of 2013.

Digitimes is reporting that Apple has an accelerated approval and certification process for the iPhone 5S in order to get more units out and on the production line at a faster pace, hopefully to curb the low supply yields that hampered the original release of the iPhone 5 after its launch in September.

It’s being rumored that the iPhone 5S will also be the first of Apple’s lines to introduce NFC microtransactions in order to compete with the latest Android models. If things go as planned, we could be seeing the iPhone 5S on store shelves before spring, 2013.

  • Bryan

    Before Spring 2013? I just don’t see it happening. Seems like poor business strategy to me. I think they should wait for September/ October.