Check Out Spigen’s New Crystal Wallet Case For The iPhone X

If you’re looking for an iPhone case that’s stylish, practical yet can protect your iPhone at the same time, then Spigen’s new Crystal Wallet case for the iPhone X would be perfect for you, since it does all that and more.

With the Crystal Wallet case you can easily slip in and store 2 credit cards in your iPhone, due to the case having a middle slot that can easily slide open or close in the back. Making it perfect for if you’re out and about making errands and don’t want to bring a big bag or purse with you, since you can just put your credit card or your ID inside the case.

This case also comes with a dual-layered structure that consist of a flexible and hard, yet shock-absorbing body, that helps protect your iPhone against any type of harmful accidents that could possibly damage it. It also has a really fit and snug design that will shape and conform to your iPhone as well, while also providing cutouts all around it, so you can easily access any ports or buttons that you need to use on your device.

Spigen’s new Crystal Wallet case for the iPhone X isn’t officially out just yet, but if you’re interested in it and plan to purchase it soon, you can always check out Spigen’s official website to learn more about it.

Source: Spigen