Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Has Connectivity Issues

Apple is aware there is an issue with its new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity, the company hopes to resolve this software issue ASAP.

It seems the new Apple Watch with LTE has some glitches when it comes to intermittent cellular connectivity, such as dropped and choppy calls, and issues connecting to Siri. Apple has acknowledged these issues and believes it stems from the Watch attaching to “unauthenticated Wi-Fi wireless networks without connectivity.”

To break it down more clearly, it seems the Apple Watch is connecting to any random wireless network that it pleases to connect to which prevents the Watch from using cellular, in order for an effective connection to take place, it cannot have a dead end connectivity. The glitch in the software does not have the ability to shift back and forth between connectivity paths which is called “handoff.”

 “We have discovered that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks without connectivity, it may at times prevent the watch from using cellular,” Apple said in a statement. “We are investigating a fix for a future software release.”

The new stand along version Watch Series 3 is said to be the world’s number one top-selling Watch model. Apple has already begun early shipment this week on the Apple Watch 3, the iPhone 8/8 Plus, and the Apple TV 4K. Hopefully, Apple will release a software solution in the coming days to resolve this issue.

Source: cultofmac, Time