Apple Makes Changes With iTunes Movie Rental Service


Apple has updated its iTunes Movie rental policy for the better, instead of a 24 hr rental period, Apple now allows a 48 hour rental time period.

With Apple debuting its new Apple TV 4K earlier this month, this makes a perfect time to announce the updated changes it has made with the iTunes Movie rental service. Now, Apple’s rental policy allows United States users 48 hours to watch the movie after streaming. In the past, customers only had 24 hrs to view the movie after streaming. Apple’s new policy has it that once the customer rents a movie they have 30 days to start streaming the movie before the rental period ends, and once the streaming starts the customer has 48 hrs to view the movie. Customers can watch the movie as many times as they want within that 48 hrs time frame.

Another enhancement that came along with the new Apple TV 4K, is the ability for users to purchase or rent more 4K movies through iTunes. In most parts of the world, customers already had this advantage of renting iTunes movie for 48 hours except for China, where iTunes movie rentals are not available.

Talk has it that Apple is hoping for in the future to rent movies through iTunes while the movie is still in movie theaters, this rumor has it that Apple is talking with studios to offer iTunes rentals for US customers for $30 while the movie is still in theaters.

Source: Macobserver