ShoulderPod Releases A New Buildable Rig For The iPhone

If you’re looking to upgrade your camera gear for your iPhone, then ShoulderPod’s new X1 rig might be something you want to check into, since it was specifically designed to hold extra equipment for photos or videos, like microphones, lights, Go-Pros and extra batteries.

Basically the rig comes with two handles, one long plat, a knob, a cold shoe and a wrist strap for you to hold your iPhone and other tech accessories that you would like to add onto it. It also comes with adjustable grips, thumbscrew mechanisms and wide rubber pads that help hold your iPhone while you’re shooting, so it doesn’t fall or come a loose from the rig when you’re using it.

And, the great part about this particular rig is that it’s great for expanding or minimizing your equipment. So when you want to add a bigger tripod at the bottom you can, or if you want to un-attach your microphone or lighting you can, since it was made with basic configurations to grow your setup, whenever you want it to be smaller or bigger.

So if the new X1 rig seems like something you could see yourself using, then you can always purchase or learn more about it over at ShoulderPod’s official website, where it’s currently going for $119 for any sized iPhone.

Source: 9To5Mac, ShoulderPod