A New App Called Magic Sudoku Solves Puzzles Through AR On Your iPhone

Now that the new iOS 11 is available for the iPhone, the App Store is coming out with more and more ARKit apps, since it now has new capabilities just for that. For instance, this new app called Magic Sudoku, was designed to read and align puzzles through your iPhone’s camera, using real life Sudokus to show answers in AR.

Now since this app goes hand in hand with the new iOS 11’s feature, it’s perfect for anybody who gets stumped by puzzles from time to time and would like help trying to figuring out the answers. However, since this app works entirely with unsolved puzzles, it kind of spoils the whole fun of playing Sudoku in the first place, because then you end up knowing all the answers when it fills it out.

That’s why Brad Dwyer, the developer of the app is currently working out other ways to keep the fun in the game, by adding a hint option instead of the app just telling you all the correct grids. There also seems to be many reported glitches of Magic Sudoku not reading the puzzles/fonts properly when users aim the camera at them, which is something Brad Dwyer is also working on for the next version, along with many other new features to the app.

But if you happen to be curious on how the app still works and solves out paper Sudokus, you can always download it at the App Store, where it’s currently going for $0.99 for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 11.0.

Source: The Verge, App Store