Jog, Run Or Exercise With The New TuneBand For The iPhone

Taking your iPhone for a run can be tricky, considering that it could easily fall out of your pocket while you’re running, and possibly crack or break. Which is why the new TuneBand would be the perfect choice if you love running or jogging, since it won’t fall out whenever you move, nor get blocked from any kind of notifications due to its open and convenient design.

The arm band was set up where you can adjust it on your arm to 12″ through 19″, and place your iPhone in the included silicone case, where you can easily clip and attach it right in the middle of the arm strap. It’s practical, easy and different from most jogging bands for smartphones, since it has a convenient two-piece design that’s easy to assemble together when you’re about to go outside.

The TuneBand also includes two screen protector covers for the front of your phone, so if you want extra protection when you’re running or jogging, you can easily apply it on the screen of your phone, so no scuffs or dust can get on it. And, due to this band coming with an open face design, you can easily turn the band around to your view, or take out your iPhone when you need to make a call or view a notification, since it’s super accessible.

So if you happen to like to exercise or run a lot, and are looking for a new arm band to put your iPhone in, then you can always check out, where they’re currently selling this band for $21.99 in four color choices of black, blue, pink or glow in the dark.

Source: Stuff TV, Amazon