Charge Your Devices In A 45-Degree Angle With The New TYLT Charger

The new wireless charging stand from TYLT is the perfect accessory for your home office or your night stands, since it cradles your iPhone in a 45-degree angle that’s perfect for scrolling or viewing your clock, messages or notifications, without even having to move your device.

Not only is it great to just scroll or view content on your iPhone with, but it’s also great for charging your device faster as well. And that’s all because of the TYLT being made with 3 coil technology, that can move just as fast as a standard 1 Amp wall charger, that can get your device charged up and ready in no time.

And since this charger was designed with cross compatibility, it means that you’re not just limited to using your iPhone only, but can also use a Samsung phone, a Google phone, tablets and even Qi devices, thanks to its wide compatibility range. Giving you the power to use it with multiple devices instead of just charging your iPhone with it.

The new TYLT charger is currently available at Amazon for $51.00 with free shipping and handling, and comes in a variety of color choices like black, blue, red or yellow.

Source: NYMAG, Amazon

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