Apple’s New Ad Shows Portrait Lighting On The iPhone 8 Plus

The latest ad for the iPhone 8 Plus shows the different features of Portrait Lighting which can be used on the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple recently released a new advertisement for the iPhone 8 Plus showing the different ways to create studio lighting effects in Portrait Mode. The 38-second ad titled “Portraits Of Her” shows the various Portrait Lighting settings from Studio Light, Natural Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, and Stage Light Mono. It should be noted for advertisement purpose Portrait Lighting is shown as a video, but can only be used for portrait effects.

The Studio Light has the mildest lighting effect out of all settings, the video starts off in Studio Light, and gradually progresses to Natural Light, and Contour Light which both shows a little darker & colorful contrast in the female clothing and the background display as well. The Stage Light gives the effect of creating a darker contrast in lighting effect in the background, and the model in the video clothing has a deep rich tone. The last setting which is the Stage Light Mono, actually only highlights the female model and gives a dark blackout background effect. The Portrait Lighting is still in beta stage at this point.

Source: cnet