How To Downgrade From iOS 11.0.1 To iOS 11

When Apple released iOS 11 to the public last month, many users were experiencing issues with the battery life draining faster than normal and problems sending emails. To fix these issues, Apple rolled out iOS 11.0.1, however, users have been experiencing more issues after upgrading.

Users have taken to Reddit and Apple’s Twitter account complaining about their experiences with the recent update. Users who upgraded to iOS 11.0.1 are experiencing battery drainage, 3D Touch lag, the lock screen freezing, apps crashing and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection dropping.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues and wish to downgrade to iOS 11, you can do so by downloading the iOS 11 firmware file on your device and saving the IPSW file on your desktop. Here are the following steps:

1.  launch iTunes (if you’re using a PC go to

2. Plug your device into your computer via Lightning cable. When iTunes detects the device, a small icon will appear on the top left-hand corner.

3. After clicking on the icon, click on ‘Restore iPhone’ and hold down the left Option key (Mac users) or the Shift key (Windows users).

4. A new window will open for you to select the IPSW file you downloaded in the beginning. iTunes will prepare, restore and verify the installation with Apple. Once the device boosts into the welcome screen you will have successfully downgraded back to iOS 11.


  • Alex Wood

    Thanks for the article! It helped me in downgrading from iOS 11.0.1 To iOS 11.