iOS 11 Draining Your Battery? Here’s How To Improve It

Whether your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 11 or iOS 11.0.1, the battery drainage can be frustrating. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help you get the max out of your battery life until Apple releases another update addressing this issue.

When Apple released iOS 11 a few weeks ago, many users were noticing their battery was draining faster than usual. To fix this issue, Apple released iOS 11.0.1. However, this update only fixed the issue for some users. If you’re experiencing battery drainage with your device, we’ll tell you a few tricks on how to get the most from your battery.

1. Turn off the auto brightness to help you save your battery life, you can do this by heading to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations. From here, you can turn off the auto brightness and adjust it to your liking. Remember, you can also head to Settings> Display & Brightness to turn down the screen’s brightness, the brighter it is the more battery life it’ll drain.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you aren’t using these features, it’s best to remember to turn them off since these features can drain the battery life. You can turn them off by heading to the Control Center and toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and off.

3. Stop apps from refreshing in the background. Apps are constantly running in the background draining the battery life. To stop some of these apps from running, you can head to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn off any app that doesn’t need to be refreshed in the background.

4. The last thing you can try is to use Low Power Mode, it’s best to use this feature when the device’s battery life is getting low, but try not to use this all day since it’ll make the device laggy.

Some users have found that uninstalling and reinstalling certain apps then restarting the device has also helped with the battery.

  • Mr. Paladin

    1. There is no Settings>Accessibility
    2. There is no “auto brightness”
    3. When you find Accessibility in Settings>General, You won’t find “auto brightness”.
    4. When in Settings>Display & Brightness you’ll find a True Tone switch in iphone 8 but no “auto brightness”

  • WendyWilson

    I do not understand why I should limit my abilities by applying the functions described in the article. Why do I pay money? Everything should work properly from the beginning.