iPhone 8 Plus Reportedly Having Battery Issues

Apple is aware and investigating three different reports stating a problem with the iPhone 8 Plus’s battery which has caused the device to unexpectedly burst open. 

Just recently, reports have brought attention to a serious issue with the iPhone 8 Plus having some battery problems. The first incident came from a Taiwanese woman, the report stated that her iPhone 8 Plus burst open due to possible failure. A report states that the device has been returned to Apple as part of its routine investigation of this isolated incident.

The second incident reported came from a customer in Japan, the report stated that the iPhone 8 Plus split open along the sides of the device’s aluminum enclosure.

The most recent incident reported of battery failure came from a customer in Hong Kong. It seems the battery swells due to gases inside, which causes expansion, placing too much pressure on the device display which leads to a sudden burst, causing a side split opening.

Other users have experienced other issues and have made comments on Twitter that their iPhone 8 Plus case cracked open during the charging stage, while some have reported their device came broken right out of the box.

Source: Trustedreviews. Macrumors

Photo Credit: India Today