Charge Two Devices At The Same Time With The New QiStone+

The new QiStone+ is a portable wireless charger, that allows you to charge just about any device on the go or at home. It’s small, it’s fast and is a great charger to get your devices up to 100% in no time.

Thanks to its USB port, you can now choose whether or not if you want wireless charging, since you can easily plug it in your device or leave it wire-free. And what’s so cool about this option, is that you could actually do both if you wanted to, and have one device ontop of the QiStone+, while the other device charges through its USB, so you can charge both devices at the exact same time.

The power bank is also great for when you’re out on the go, and want to quickly charge your iPhone, iPad or any other device that you have, since it was made where even if you don’t have an Apple product or a Qi-compatible device, you can still plug it in the included USB cord, and get 400 mAh.

The QiStone+ is currently available at if you’re interested in it, and is going for $59.99 for any iPhone or iPad, as well as other phones and tablets like Samsung devices, LGs and the Google Pixel.

Source: NYMag, Amazon