Apple Is “Aware And Looking Into” iPhone 8 Battery Swelling Issue

A few cases of the iPhone 8 battery swelling has caused Apple to investigate the issue more thoroughly. So far, there have been several reports about the iPhone 8 splitting apart when it arrived or a couple of days afterward due to a swollen battery.

Cases have been coming out about the iPhone 8 battery from all over the world. The first report came out of Taiwan when the user found her iPhone swollen after plugging it in to charge. Another user in Japan posted a few images on Twitter of the swollen iPhone 8, and since then, more cases have been popping up in places such as Canada, China, and Greece.

Even though there are less than a dozen of these cases coming up, Apple has acknowledged the issue and released a short statement saying “We are aware and looking into it.”

Apple has had a few problems with the iPhone 6S battery which caused the device to unexpectedly shutdown. To fix this problem, Apple offered its users a free battery replacement service for qualifying devices.

So far, there have been no reports on the iPhone 8 exploding or catching fire.