Check Out Pad & Quill’s New Contega Linen Case For The iPad

Pad & Quill’s new Contega Linen case for the iPad, is a handmade, rustic case made from buckram linen and bindery cloth, to give it that signature historic material and smell, just like an old book.

And since it takes on materials like an old book, it also mimics the style of one too, by coming with Pad & Quill’s signature ribbon bookmark to help secure your device when it’s inside of the case. It was also designed with a magnetic sleep switch for whenever you open up or close your iPad, to help save on its batteries for whenever you’re done using it, as well as to make it more convenient when you’re about to use your iPad, so you don’t have to manually turn it on.

Another worthy thing to mention about the case, is that it was also built with a muti-channel positioning system, that allows you to turn it to multiple different angles. Meaning if you’re watching TV or reading something on your iPad, you can easily prop it up in an angle, or literally fold the case to where it just looks like a cover, to view content more comfortably.

Pad & Quill’s new Contega Linen case has just become available for orders on their website, and is selling for $109.95 in a color choice of cranberry and grey or grey tweed and sea blue for the iPad 9.7 inch.

Source: Pad & Quill