AT&T Sells Refurbished iPhone 5 For $99

If you’re really, really hungry for an iPhone 5 and you don’t care how you get hold of it or where it comes from, you might be interested in AT&T’s $99 iPhone 5.

This is no joke; you can actually get a hold of the iPhone 5 for only $99. According to the LA Times the iPhone 5 is currently listed on AT&T’s website under various auspicious prices, with the 16GB model clocking in at a very respectable $99 with the 32GB model going for $199 and the 64GB model going for a meager $299.99.

Those are pretty good deals for Apple’s latest handset given that regularly the 16GB model goes for about $500. Refurbished or not, grabbing an iPhone 5 for $99 is a steal.

  • torres

    Is it under two years contact?