Perform, Compete & Promote Your Videos With The The New Megastar App

If you’re into singing, dancing, comedy, sports or just about anything talent/entertainment wise, then you might be interested in the new Megastar app, that lets you submit audition videos for Usher and other celebrity judges on the app, that will help mentor and decide if you or the other contestants will make it to the next round.

With Megastar, you have to make sure you build and promote your video, by encouraging your audience to vote for you to make it to the top. Meaning you have to constantly promote yourself by doing frequent live streams on the app, interacting with your fan base to boost your popularity, as well as comment on other performer’s videos, to help spread your name throughout the community.

And once you’re done doing your part to make it to the finals, it will then depend on the votes and judges if you’re the winner or not. And if you do win, then you’ll get $1 million dollars and have the opportunity to tour and perform around the globe, as well as even be apart of a film produced by John Baldecchi, who produced movies like Conan The Barbarian, Odd Thomas and Point Break.

The new Megastar app is currently free for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 9.0 or later. So if you’re interested in downloading it and trying it out, then you can always check out its page at the App Store for more details.

Source: App Store, iMore