Charge Your iPhone & Other Devices With CHOETECH’s New Charger

CHOETECH’s new wireless charger, is a sleek, fast and wireless charger, that can support multiple devices by different brands, including Apple’s iPhone 7-X, the Galaxy Note 5-8, Nokia 9 and many others.

Now due to this charger working with a wide range of phones, they designed it where it has two options for charging, so no matter what device you have it will get a proper charge up. Meaning if you have a Qi-enabled device like the iPhone X, a Nexus or a Nokia, the charger can be set to a slower pace so it doesn’t overheat your phone. However, if you have a Samsung of any model, it can be set at the faster level, due to it being capable of a higher and faster charge up.

The charger also comes with 2 built-in coils that allows you to put your device in either portrait or a landscape position, so you can easily read or view your phone while it’s charging. Making it a great charger to put beside your desk or bedside when you want to watch T.V or view some of your notifications, since it can prop your phone up for you to see or swipe your device’s screen.

CHOETECH’s new wireless charger is currently available at, and is selling for just $19.99 for any Qi or non Qi-enabled device. For more information about this particular charger, you can always be sure to check out its official page at Amazon for more details.

Source: ValueWalk, Amazon