What Is Wireless Charging & How Fast Is It?

Many fans are excited that Apple has finally brought wireless charging to its new line-up of iPhones this year. The company claims that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are able to charge up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes thanks to its fast charge technology. If you’re not sure what wireless charging is or if you’re curious about the iPhone 8/8 Plus charging feature, we’ll highlight everything you need to know.

Like 90 percent of the wireless charging able devices on the market, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X use the Qi specification, which uses inductive charging technology. Since Apple has decided to use this standard, there are plenty of third-party charging accessories you can use for your iPhone.

A total of 7.5W of power will transfer to the new iPhones whenever an owner puts it on a wireless charging pad. In comparison, the latest Android smartphones offer 10W charging power. Why did Apple choose weaker charging power? Some people believe it’s for safety reasons while others believe the cost of components was the main factor. According to Menno Treffers, chairman of Wireless Power Consortium, the cost of components rise in tandem with the power level and safety measures become more expensive when the power level increases.

“That is inherent to power electronics,” Treffers said. “There are tradeoffs and we leave it to our members to make their own tradeoffs and optimize for their intended customers. There are many factors that manufacturers take into account, such as what needs they are fulfilling for their customers, but yes cost is one of them.”

The device will charge as fast as it has been configured to receive. For example, if a device has been configured to 5W and the wireless charging pad can deliver 15W, the device will not charge faster than a 5W charger, however, if the device can take more than a 5W charge then it will charge faster on a 15W charge. This means that the iPhone 8 or X will only receive 7.5W of a 15W charge since it has been configured to receive no more than 7.5W.

Apple plans on releasing its own charging pad called AirPower next year which will be able to wirelessly charge up to three devices at the same time, even if the devices are in cases. Computer World did a test and found that the iPhone 8 is able to charge with a thin silicone case on as long as it’s placed on the center of the charger, however, if it is an inch akswed, the iPhone cannot connect to the charger.

All in all, this feature is great for users if they want to charge their phone and cut down on the jungle of wires.

Source: Computer World