Are You Ready For A Foldable iPhone Display?

Talk has it that Apple is working on developing an iPhone with a foldable display in collaboration with LG Display.

Back in late 2016, rumors suggested that Apple and LG’s display division would possibly collaborate on creating a future iPhone that could be rigid yet flexible with a printed circuit board that could be a foldable smartphone. LG has already created several foldable display prototypes in the past few years, the company uses flexible OLED displays to increase the durability.

Some believe this up-and-coming technology won’t actually take off until at least 2020, or maybe a little longer, whatever the possible time frame is, talk has it that Samsung may introduce the first smartphone to use the foldable technology as early as next year, this is one reason why Apple decided to work with LG on this project, instead of Samsung.

Samsung supplies Apple’s iPhone X with the OLED display and is also expected to supply the OLED panels for Apple’s 2018 iPhone. But talk has it that LG has started production in a factory in China that will supply Apple with OLED panels for an iPhone as early as 2019. I’m sure we will hear more details of this new venture in the future.

Just to add more to the rumor, talk has it that Apple is considering working with Japan Display for the future iPhone, this company might possibly replace Samsung.

Source: 9to5mac, macrumor