The iPhone And Apple Pencil Could Team Up By 2019

The latest talk has it Apple might be considering the idea of partnering the iPhone with a stylus or an Apple Pencil in the near future.

This latest rumor is said to come from The Investor which states that Apple’s engineers are working on a new iPhone device that will come with or support a digital pen, it seems a set projection date is set for 2019. Talk has it that the new iPhone stylus or Apple Pencil, whatever it may be called, will possibly adopt a “supercapacitor stylus type” similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pen.  The Galaxy Note Pen is based on electromagnetic resonance technology which needs additional panel components that are installed underneath the smartphone display unit.

Some are speculating that Apple may sell the two as separate units to maintain the premium with the current iPhone using the A11 Bionic chip. Some believe the upcoming 2019 iPhone will boast sufficient firepower to allow the user to feel the experience a real fluid pen writing. This could be the beginning of a new partnership forming between the iPhone and the Apple Pencil, if so, stay tuned for more information about this new venture.

Source: wccftech, macrumors

Photo credit: wwcftech



  • Theodore Charles

    Wonder if it is worth waiting for this phone? Would it work with facial reconition?