Apple Releases A New Gold Color For Their Lightning Dock

Apple’s Lightning Dock is a handy iPhone accessory, considering that it already incorporates its own 3.5mm port, comes with a rubber surface to prevent sliding and allows you to charge your iPhone and listen to music through your headphones at the same time.

And even though the latest generation Lightning Dock is not a new product for Apple, it’s new gold color option is, and was just released with the new iPhone 8. And to go along with the new iPhone 8, they designed the Dock to match every single color the iPhone comes in, for anybody that would like to match their device with the dock.

They both have a metallic finish with an aluminum surface that changes colors depending on the lighting, that looks a bit iridescent depending on how you turn it. Making it a great accessory ontop of your desk or any type of table area, since its shiny gold can blend yet stand out, on pretty much any surface you decide to put in on.

So if you would like to match your gold iPhone 8 with your Lightning Dock, you can purchase the gold color at Apple’s official website for $49.99, along with their standard older colors they have, which are black, sliver and space grey.

Source: 9 To 5 Mac