Keep Track Of Your Daily Steps With The New Outwalk App

If you’re interested in counting your daily steps and how far you’ve walked every day, then you might be interested in the new Outwalk app that lets you count, measure and compare your stats to your friends and other people on the app, as well get rewarded for completing challenges.

Not only does this app show you your daily steps, but it also keeps them. Meaning you get to look back on days, weeks, months and even years time, to know exactly how much you’ve walked and your overall progress. This app also lets you see regional and global rankings as well, and allows you to see people that live right near you, to people that live all around the world, and can even use the built in chat to interact with them.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Track your steps and distance through each day of the year
  • Get personalized reports and receive achievements and badges
  • Share your activity with your friends through iMessage
  • Explore the world around you and meet new people through the app’s built-in chat
  • Get notified with the app’s Today Extension, that will alert you if there’s any notifications

The new Outwalk app is currently available at the App Store if you’re interested in it, and is free for any iPhone with an iOS 10.0 or later. For more information about this particular app, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source: iMore, App Store