Keep All Of Your Gadgets & Accessories Organized With The New Bento Stack

If you’re constantly losing your iPhone, Apple Watch or any of your tech accessories and devices, then you might be interested in the new crowd funded Bento Stack; since it’s a stackable, portable layered case that can hold all of your gadgets, cords, adapters and anything else tech related, all in one place.

The case itself has a very hard, protective shell and comes in Apple inspired colors, like the classic rose gold, space gray and silver to help match with the rest of your accessories. It also comes with a convenient silicone strap to hold it all together, so none of your stuff gets loose or falls out when you stack it up all the way to the top; so it can stay nice and organized.

And due to the Bento Stack coming with 8 dividers, 4 silicone straps and two stacks, you’re able to fit at least 10 to 12 things inside of it, making it perfect for when you want to bring a lot of your gadgets with you when you’re traveling. Meaning you’ll never have to worry about misplacing something or not being able to bring a cord or a charger with you if you’re going somewhere, because you could easily put it into the Bento Stack, and keep everything together.

So if the new Bento Stack seems like something you could see yourself using for your tech accessories, then you can always be sure to check it out over at, where you can back it, or simply learn more about it.

Source: Indigo