Apple Releases A New Leather Folio Case For The iPhone X

Crafted from specially tanned and finished European leather, Apple’s new iPhone X Leather Folio case has a very luxurious look and feel to it, that not only adds style and a nice touch to it, but also adds protection and practicality to your phone as well.

This case features a very soft microfiber lining inside of it for double protection, and slots to hold your money, chump change or small notes inside of it, so you can use it as a case and a wallet. Making it perfect for when you’re running late to your job or some type of event, and just want to bring a few things with you like your iPhone and a few credentials.

Another worthy thing to mention about the case, is that it also has a sleep/wake system which is basically an automatic mode that can make your device go to sleep when you close the case, and then wake up when you open the case; to help save on the battery when it’s not in use. But since it’s able to close on top of your iPhone, it also helps protect your iPhone’s screen as well, so it won’t get any type of damages on the display when it’s open.

So if you’re interested in protecting your iPhone X with Apple’s new Leather Folio case, then you can check out Apple’s official website where it’s currently going for $99.00 in a color choice of cosmos blue, taupe, black or berry.

Source: Apple, Business Insider