iPhone X Reviews Are In, Is The Device Really Worth It?

If you’re thinking about purchasing an iPhone X, reviews of the device have been hitting the internet ahead of the big launch day, which is expected to happen this upcoming Friday.

Apple sent out several iPhone X models to lucky YouTubers to review it ahead of its November 3 launch day. In addition to the Youtubers, Apple let Wired’s Steven Levy, Axios co-founder Mike Allen, and Glamour’s Mindy Kaling all review the device.

While some people may find these videos more as “first impressions” rather than actually reviews, the videos still give users an idea of how the cameras, augmented reality capabilities and FaceID facial recognition technology work.

YouTuber Soldier Knows Best uploaded his video Monday explaining his thoughts about Apple’s latest handset, as well as  Fashion Magzine, UrAvgConsumer, and Boredatwork.com.

Of course, more iPhone X reviews will be popping up to give you a better idea if the device is worth the $999 or not. If you’re interested in hearing what these YouTubers think about the device, you can watch their videos above.