Wish Your iPhone 7 Had Wireless Charging? Here’s How To Get It

Back in September, Apple unveiled the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the one-of-a-kind iPhone X which all sport wireless charging. If you don’t plan on upgrading to one of these devices but still want the wireless charging feature, we’ll tell you how to charge your iPhone 7 wirelessly.

Yes, that’s right, you can charge your iPhone 7 wirelessly without having to dish out serious amounts of cash. The first thing you’ll need is a case that can receive a wireless charge signal. Since the iPhone 7 is missing Apple’s AirPower technology and a glass back, the device can’t receive the wireless signals.

One of the best cases that can add transmitters for both the Qi and PMA wireless charging standards is the Mophie Charge Force case. You could also go with the Antye Qi receiver case or the YooTech case if you want something a little more affordable. Another option is the Mophie Juice Pack Air case which can wirelessly charge your device and it comes with a built-in battery.

After you find a case that fits your budget, you’ll need a wireless pad so you can charge your iPhone 7. Apple offers the Belkin’s Boost Up pad which has a 7.5W power output, but if you want something that’s a bit cheaper, you can check out Anker PowerTouch 5W charge pad.

Once you get your case and charging pad, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone 7 without any wires. Keep in mind that there are several wireless charging cases and pads that are on Amazon that you can purchase for a reasonable price, this will save you money if you’re not ready to upgrade but want to wirelessly charge your device.