Bank Robber Caught on iPhone Camera

While a lot of the news about theft and phones usually involves someone trying to take the phone, but in this latest case the iPhone caught the culprit in the act.

According to KHOU in Houston, Texas, police apprehended a man who tried robbing a bank and the last desperate acts of the suspect were caught on camera… an Apple iPhone camera.

Patty Hamilton of Las Colinas captured the action with her phone and stated that…

“Actually, as a photographer, I wanted to get closer,”…”Broad daylight. Middle of the day,” … “This police car just cut us off and kinda just freaked us out,”…”It was just so surreal,” … “So fast. So startling.”

The robber was caught coming out one of the bank windows where police with drawn guns apprehended the man.

At least this time the iPhone was the one doing the capturing and not the one being captured.