Man’s Wrists Slashed For iPhone 5

A man was walking home one night when was confronted by a group of men who asked for a pack of cigarettes and a phone. When the man refused to hand over his new iPhone 5, the men got violent.

According to the Auckland Now, New Zealand press, the man was walking down the streets near Settlement Road, Papakura when he noticed four men heading his way. When they asked for cigarettes he said he had none and when they asked if he had a phone, he showed them his iPhone 5.

The men then told him to hand his phone over and when he refused they knocked him to the ground, beat him, and one man held the victim’s arm while another slashed at it repeatedly with a metal object until he let go of his phone. They then proceeded to assault his thighs, kicking them.

Police have yet to apprehend the group responsible for the crime but they are still searching for witnesses.