Apple Is Getting Ready To Change The AR Headset Standard In 2019

Apple could be stepping into the augmented reality world as soon 2019, according to a report by Bloomberg. While Apple has been preparing for years, the company is said to release their own official headset in less than a few years.

Apple took its first step in the augmented reality world by releasing ARKit in iOS 11, which allowed for developers to create a whole new experience for iOS users to interact with digital objects in the real world. Now, it seems as if Apple is taking it a step further and planning to unveil an AR headset by 2019. Bloomberg’s latest report states that Apple is working on a new chip and a special-designed operating system for the device which may be called “rOS” or “reality operating system.” Currently, Apple’s engineers are exploring different ways users might control the headset such as head gestures, touch panels, and voice controls via Siri.

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook considers AR less isolating than VR and as potentially revolutionary as the smartphone. He has talked up the technology on Good Morning America and gives it as almost much attention during earnings calls as sales growth. “We’re already seeing things that will transform the way you work, play, connect and learn,” he said in the most recent call. “Put simply, we believe AR is going to change the way we use technology forever.”

Even though the prototypes for the headset are still being worked out, the designers at Apple are said to be using HTC Vive VR headsets to test potential uses and limitations of AR. The report says that they are exploring applications such as messaging, mapping and “virtual meeting rooms.”

While Apple has its eye on having the device ready in 2019, it could be available for customers sometime in 2020.We’ll see if this is just talk or if the report is true.

Source: Bloomberg