Man Charged $12k For Two iPhone 5s

If you think $800 is a lot for an unlocked iPhone 5, try $12,000 on for size. A Bangladesh man ended up on the wrong side of the contract when he tried to purchase two iPhone 5 handsets and the total came up to $12,000.

Asia One is reporting that a businessman from Bangladesh named Shaikh Bashir Ahmed traveled to Singapore and decided to pick up two iPhone 5 handsets from a place called the Sun Plaza.

Originally Ahmed was going to pay $2,550 for two new iPhone 5 devices, however, when he signed the contract and decided to leave with his two phones, the shopkeeper angrily told him that he hadn’t paid the total sum and that he owed the store an additional $10,103.

After getting the police involved and arguing for several hours, Ahmed and the shopkeeper came to an agreement and a distraught, wearied and disgruntled Ahmed conceded to pay $4,280 for the two iPhone 5 units, which is still quite high.

Even though the matter is settled, Ahmed is still very troubled over the ordeal but not because of the loss of money but because of being cheated by Singaporeans.

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    That’s bs! All i gotta say