iPhone App Works as Confessional

A new iPhone app has been making waves around college campuses called Whisper. The name suits the app well as its main purpose is to work as a confessional for users who wish to remain anonymous.

According to the Daily Texan, which reports a lot of news surrounding the Texas University area, Whisper is the app that’s on everyone’s minds around many campuses stretching across the United States of America.

Michael Heyward, one of the app’s developers, stated that…

“We developed Whisper as a reaction to the current social networking options,” … “Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great, but they aren’t necessarily always authentic. People use social networking to show others a perfect version of themselves. We wanted to develop a platform that allowed people to communicate in a uniquely authentic manner and be who they really are.”

Users can anonymously use the service to talk about anything, from crushes and relationships to dreams, fears, hopes and everything else in between.

The app is available right now for iPhones and it’s already quite popular given the anonymity of it all and ease of use. Could Whisper be the next Facebook?