The 1Password App Just Got A New Update That Supports Face ID

The 1Password app just got a new update thanks to the new iPhone X, since it can now use Apple’s Face ID as well as other handy features within the app, like one tap logins, multiple login vaults and a password generator to suggest new passwords for your account.

Not only does this app recognize your face or give you the ability to create dozens of new accounts and easy logins, but it also gives you the ability to store and organize all of your many passwords that you have as well. For instance, you can create a folder that has all of your credit card or e-banking logins, and then create a separate one for all of your everyday, casual activity logins, so that you don’t get confused with what belongs to what.

And as mentioned, this app also allows you to unlock the app quickly and securely with Face ID or Touch ID, as well as to lock the app; to ensure that nobody enters your account without your permission. Another cool thing about the 1Password app, is that it’s also set up where you can migrate all of your information on your device to another device, by transferring them to your iPad, Mac or any other compatible device that you have, so you can access any of your information anywhere you go.

The newly updated 1Password app is currently available at the App Store if you’re interested in trying out the new version, for any iPhone or iPad that supports an iOS 11.0 or higher.

Source: Tom’s Guide, App Store