Protect Your Apple Pencil With Belkin’s New Pencil Holder Case

If you’re somebody who is constantly using their Apple Pencil, but can never remember where you put it and what you did with it last. Then you might like Belkin’s new Pencil holder, that was designed to protect and keep your Apple Pencil from getting lost, misplaced or damaged.

Now since this holder also works as a case, it’s a great little piece that you can easily pack up and travel with, due to its compact design that you can carry with you wherever you go. And because of this smart design, you never have to worry about it falling out either, thanks to its inside compartments that can perfectly hold the Apple Pencil and its accessories from going anywhere.

For instance, this Pencil holder comes with an inside flat compartment, an outside compartment to make your Pencil stand straight up, as well as an extra Pencil cap and tip for if you ever want to put a covering over it. The holder was also made out of a very soft, high quality fabric on its outside cover too, so when you touch it or go to put your Apple Pencil in it, it’s not too rough on your hands or on the Pencil.

So if Belkin’s new holder for the Apple Pencil seems like something you could see yourself using, then you can always be sure to learn more about it over at Belkin’s official website, where it’s currently going for $29.99.

Source: Belkin