China Telecom Taking iPhone 5 Pre-orders

China Telecom, the smallest of China’s three carriers, had started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5 yesterday.

A member of the customer service staff at the carrier’s Beijing branch confirmed iPhone 5 pre-orders in mainland China, says a local report. Likewise, the country’s largest home appliance retailer, Suning, also started taking pre-orders for the device earlier in the month. No word yet from Apple’s long time iPhone distributor China Unicom on availability.

China Telecom’s PR staff wouldn’t disclose an exact release date for China, but the word is still “December.” China Unicom has also issued a statement devoid of information regarding a release date.

At this point it’s a waiting game. All signs are pointed to an imminent release. It’s passed China’s initial approval system. The official in charge says it’s looking good. And now we have companies taking pre-orders in anticipation of the release.