Get An Array Of Different Calculator Options With The PCalc App

PCalc is a new, high-tech calculator app made for scientist, engineers, students or programmers, looking for a calculator that has more than just the basics. This app ranges from things like an RPN mode, a multi-line display, a paper tape mode, a hexadecimal and octal binary option, as well as many other features you wouldn’t see on your average calculator.

This app of course is designed for people who need this for their job or for a test, and isn’t really catered to an average person that’s just looking to calculate something. It goes beyond than just the typical minus, subtract or divider buttons, but has different types of decimals, roundings, addings and conversions, called “stack” “bin” “tape” “log” and many other terms/abbreviations, to help you figure out the exact answer you’re looking for.

However, it does try to balance out its complexity with a bit of humor, due to its ARKit setting; that allows you to catch anti-gravity bananas, win achievements, as well as beat other high scores on the leader boards to make it to the top. Which is quite unexpected from a calculator app, but quite original and fun for something that’s suppose to be pretty serious.

The PCalc app is available at the App Store if you’re interested in it, and is currently going for $9.99 for any iPhone or iPad that runs an iOS 8.0 or later.

Source: App Store, TechRadar