Facebook is Urging Employees to Switch to Android From iPhone


Facebook has launched an internal campaign in an effort to get its employees to switch fro iPhones to Android devices.

After years of giving their employees Apple handsets, Facebook is making a switch. The campaign is known as Droidfooding. What’s Droidfooding? I’ll let TechCrunch explain:

Facebook is making a shift. Not just to mobile, but to a balanced focus across mobile through an informal program to nudge employees to Android. It was first mentioned by Business Insider’s Owen Thomas in August and I’ve since investigated. The campaign casually known as “Droidfooding”, a portmanteau of Android and dogfooding — eating your own dogfood aka testing your own products.

Android phones have been out shipping Apple’s for a while now. It looks like Facebook doesn’t think its Android efforts have been enough and are trying to remedy that. Especially with estimates of Android devices outselling Apple 2 to 1 by 2016.

In a related note, Facebook has an interesting way of reporting bugs on their apps while testing. If an employee runs across a bug or problem in one of the apps for either Android or iPhone, there is a feature where the employee only had to shake the phone and it will be reported. It’s called “Rage Shake.”

[Images via Josh Constine of TechCruch]