Apple Regains Top Spot In Wearable Band Market

The latest report states that Apple has taken the lead over other global wearable makers in the third quarter of this year, thanks to the Apple Watch Series 3 shipment.

The research company Canalys believes that the Apple Watch Series 3 had a strong demand in this year’s wearable market, the report stated that the demand was so strong there was a shortage in the “major” market which includes China, it seems the Series 3’s cellular data support is a big hit among consumers.

Data shows Apple shipped 3.9 million Apple Watches in the third quarter, compared to last year’s data showing the figure amount of 2.8 million.

Apple ranked first at 23% over its other competitors, Xiaomi who was the top Chinese electronic band maker held a close second place with 21% in shipment, with Fitbit at 20%, Huawei came in at 6%, followed by Samsung at 5%, and other band makers combined had 25%. According to Tim Cook, in fiscal year of 2017, the Apple Watch  has already created the annual revenue of a Fortune 400 company.

Source: engadget