Check Out Pad & Quill’s Apple Watch Strap Called “Field”

Made for the urban jungle to the great outdoors, Pad & Quill’s new Apple Watch strap called Field, is perfect for if you’re looking for a simple, rugged but comfortable band for your Apple Watch.

This band was sourced from 1000 pieces of denier cordura straight from the USA, with a full grain leather trim, a lined strap and a full grained leather interior, to make it soft, while durable at the same time. They also made it where it’s 2x stronger than nylon, 3x stronger than polyester, and 10x stronger than cotton, so it could be totally resistant to tears, scuffs, water or stains, without mildewing or falling apart.

Pad & Quill even took the time to make sure the small details were sturdy enough for any type of elements that try to get on it as well, since the watch band is stitched with the same UV-resistant stitching used in parachutes and sails. It also comes with an adjustable nickel/matte black lug and buckles, so you can easily adjust the strap according to your wrist size, by pulling it from 130-210mm around your wrist, for a comfortable fit.

Pad & Quill’s new Field strap is currently available at their official website, where it’s going for $99.95, in a color choice of cordura black/chestnut or cordura grey/galloper black, for any 42mm Apple Watch that’s from the 1st-3rd Series.

Source: Pad & Quill