Apple Is Offering A Free Postmates Unlimited Subscription, Here’s How To Get It

For those who are a huge fan of having food delivered to them will be pleased to know that Apple is offering its customers free Postmates Unlimited subscriptions.

Yes, that’s right, Apple is offering free Postmates Unlimited subscriptions for its customers if they sign up for the service through Apple Pay. Postmates previously offered this deal and has decided to extend it to those who use the mobile payment service.

“Special announcement: Just in time for the holidays, we’ve extended the Unlimited trial for customers using Apple Pay. Sign up before Nov 23rd and your subscription will be free for all of 2017. That means all orders over $20 have no delivery fee.”

If you aren’t too familiar with Postmates, Postmates is a delivery service that delivers anything to your home from restaurant food to store items in a timely manner. Postmates Unlimited subscription usually costs $9.99 a month for free delivery from any store in your city on orders $20 or more. Without the subscription, customers pay a delivery fee of $5.99┬áper order or $3.99 if it’s from a Postmate partner.

If you’re interested in this deal, you might want to act fast since the deal ends November 23rd.

Source: MacRumors