Extended Replacement Program For MacBook Pro Laptops Affected By “Staingate”

Recently Apple acknowledged that the MacBook Pro Laptop from 2012 was affected by “staingate” and has since extended the replacement program to users that were affected by this issue.

Apple has been forced to incorporate an extended replacement program for the 2012 and later MacBook Pro laptops for users who were affected by what is known as “staingate.”¬†A large mass of consumers who purchased the MacBook Pro experienced horrible stains that were affected by the anti-reflective coating on the MacBook screen which begins to peel away from the display or over time begins to degrade from the display.

There seems to be many factors that can cause this problem, a couple of factors that may have caused this issue could have been from pressure being applied on the screen by the touchpad and keyboard while the laptop was in close position, or by not properly¬†following the company’s guideline for cleaning the display.

Since this issue is a manufacture issue and not from normal everyday usage on the laptop, Apple has been forced to comply to the large group of consumers that were complaining of this problem by implementing an extended replacement program which would entitle the user to a hardware replacement.

Apple has informed authorized service providers that the extended replacement program is in effect for the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops that launched in 2013 which are eligible for the extended program until July 2018, the 13-inch MacBook Pro that launched in 2014 will be eligible until March 2019, the 15-inch MacBook Pro that launched in 2014 will be eligible until May 2019, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro launched in 2015 will be eligible until October 2020. The 15-inch MacBook Pro launched in 2015 is currently still being sold, so at this point, there is no cut off date.

Source: Digitaltrends