Check Out The Merge VR Goggles For The iPhone

The Merge VR goggles are a new set designed just for smartphones, that provide a whole new world when you put them on. You can experience an immerseful, VR world in an app on your iPhone with this headset, and surround yourself in a entirely new setting.

The company Merge not only wanted you to experience a new world on your smartphone, but they also wanted it to be more comfortable than your average VR headset as well. That’s why they designed it with an adjustable lens and straps, as well a structure to comfortably fit and conture to just about any face shape that puts it on.

This particular headset also provides a mode called Merge Start, which is basically a virtual reality discovery app option, that lets you find a large range of apps that were made for the goggles. Meaning you can explore apps ranging from games, 360 videos, virtual tourism for education and more. Another feature the Merge VR has, is that it comes with a very unique input system right on the top of the headset, that allows you to use both left and right buttons at the same time; so you can easily run, jump or steer left or right simultaneously, without the need of a controller.

The Merge VR goggles are currently available at, where you can purchase it for $119.00 for any iPhone or compatible Android. For more information about this particular product, you can always click on the link for more details.

Source: VR1