Once Again, The iPhone X Face ID Is Unlocked By The Mask

The Vietnamese cybersecurity firm Bkav has used a mask for the second time to unlock the iPhone X’s Face ID.

The cybersecurity firm Bkav has bypassed the iPhone X’s Face ID for the second time by using a mask combined with 3D printing, makeup (which is made out of stone powder) and 2D images. The firm also used some “special processing which was applied on the cheeks and around the face,” the large areas of skin and nose was created from silicone.

The cybersecurity firm once again posted a video which demonstrated the iPhone X being unlocked a second time by a mask. Reports stated that the first video was questioned regarding the unlocking method that the firm used, and if “Required Attention” was turned on. Since the first video was made, the firm has since released a second video, this new video shows a new mask demonstrating how the mask is able to unlock the iPhone on the first attempt using “Required Attention for Face ID” setting.

The Bkrav firm claims that Face ID is not secure enough to use in business transactions and that Face ID is less secure than Touch ID, the reason being that it’s easier to capture photographs from afar than obtaining a fingerprint. The firm’s reason for testing the security of Face ID is due to the danger of having country leaders and top corporate leaders having their devices illegal unlocked.

Source: The Verge, Macrumors

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    Its cool that it does this but can this make it easier for law enforcement to get into your phone?